Learn more about commercial floor mats

More often than not floors don't seem to get the kind of attention that they deserve. But what is so great about them? Well, they are perhaps the most important part of a house's or for matter an industrial or commercial premises interiors. Floors are the ones that take the maximum stress. They need to have load bearing capabilities, chemicals could be spilled on them, or dirt could accumulate on them, among other reasons. Thankfully, there is an array of commercial floor mats available that can help protect your floors, whether residential or commercial for a long time to come.

Learn more about commercial floor mats

Mats that beat fatigue

You will be surprised to know that the mat beneath your feet can help reduce your tiredness and improve your productivity. Take the kitchen for instance. It is a place where people are expected to stand for a long time. Besides this, there is also the problem of dirt accumulating at a fast pace in a kitchen. From grease to oil and moisture, a kitchen's floor could become a housekeeper's nightmare. Fortunately, there are specially designed anti fatigue mats that can help.

Sturdy design features

For commercial applications like in restaurant kitchens anti fatigue mats come complete with quite wide drainage holes. They also feature a surface anti-skid design. The patterns on the mats are designed in order to provide added comfort for those standing on them. Residential anti fatigue mats are also designed for maximum comfort. They are also available in a wider variety of colors and styles, as compared to the commercial ones.

Custom designed mats

The entrance is another place, especially in a commercial setting where mats play a key role given the heavy traffic in these areas. Mats that are used in such areas are often custom designed with logos. They can be used to complement the other branding items in a commercial setting.

Mats for a comfortable workplace

Just as the case with entrance mats, those used at a workplace also need to be sturdy enough to take in good traffic. These mats are usually made up of rubber and are designed for easy cleaning. Additionally, they also have anti fatigue features, since there could be environments where workmen would need to stand hours together on the mats.

Mats for tough environs

Industrial floors have their own their unique requirements when it comes to floor mats. This is because mats here are more prone to wear and tear. There could be spills and tears affecting mats in such an environment. Once again heavy-duty rubber mats, which also offer anti fatigue features, are the preferred choice in industrial environs.